Monday, November 16, 2015

Panama's economy will remain strong

A forecast for the Panamanian economy remains positive and above the average for Latin America, and for 2016 a growth of 6.3% is projected.

Panama will lead the growth of America, despite a difficult global environment, characterized by the slowdown in China, the weak growth in Europe and the United States (USA), which has not yet recovered. However, the biggest challenge remains the country's fiscal deficit management.

Photo by Juliette Passer
Among the major projects have begun or will begin to be built starting next year figure: The construction of lines 2 and 3 of Metro de Panama, the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, the draft Urban Renewal and construction of Columbus the Agua Fria-Yaviza highway in Darien Province.

The deputy director of Economic Analysis of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Raul Moreira, said that "Panama will continue to grow in a sustainable manner," adding that "the numbers speak for themselves, so we cannot say we are living in a fairy tale".