Friday, September 10, 2010

Investment Climate of Panama by Juliette Passer

Panamá Investment Climate
By Juliette Passer

Panama offers unique business climate for foreign investors. Major factors to be considered are:

The U.S. Dollar is legal tender

Total absence of exchange controls

Equal treatment of foreign and local citizens under the Constitution

One of the most flexible Corporations laws in the world, based on the Delaware Code as well as availability of other forms of legal entities, including Limited Liability Companies

No restrictions on 100% foreign owned investments

No restrictions on mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures

High percentage of skilled and bilingual labor force

Favorable investment and financial incentives

Excellent ports, airport and telecommunications

Excellent Hotels and business executive suite facilities

Excellent and stable banking environment, with over 65 international and local banks, branches, and representative offices

One of the largest Free Trade Zones in Colon

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